Trump’s Christmas Gift to the Middle Class

Yes, this is disgusting.
Is it as disgusting as giving tax scam handouts to billionaires instead of funding programs that would help the middle class or the poor?
I think not.
Merry Xmas everyone!!
And happy new year!!

Edited: December 30th, 2017

Happy Year of the Tiger!!!

This is the finished version. I am happy with the inking, but there are still some technica issues of the composition that I am not happy with. The Chinese Zodiac runs on a twelve year cycle, so I will have another stab at it in a dozen years.

Stay tuned for more illustrations on this blog, and have a safe and happy new year!

Edited: January 1st, 2010


Today I finished printing the New Year Cards in the US and I am sending them back to Japan to be mailed in bulk. I will post the digital version here on the first of January. Till then…

Edited: December 27th, 2009

The Tiger to rule all Tigers

Edited: December 8th, 2009

Final Drafts are Final

Here are the last sketches I have toyed with. I probably have a few more laying around and might scan them in later, but as it is, I am starting work on the actual drawing now. Obviously I didn’t make my own “December 1st” deadline. Seems that I rarely do when making these New Year’s Cards…

A Tiger Playing with his food

A Tiger Playing with his food

The Tiger on the Flying Trapeze

The Tiger on the Flying Trapeze

This tiger jumped out of his stripes...

This tiger jumped out of his stripes...

This tiger looks a little stiff...

This tiger looks a little stiff...

Edited: December 6th, 2009

More flying tigers!

I did a couple more sketches, but I think the finished version of the flying tiger arc is going be my favorite, and it looks good with the last cow drawing I did.
The final draft starts soon! Soon I tell you! Done before December 1st!!!!!

Walking on sunshine!

Walking on sunshine!

Fly Tiger, Fly!

Fly Tiger, Fly!

Beef!  It's What's for Dinner!!!

Beef! It's What's for Dinner!!!

Edited: November 23rd, 2009

Flying tiger arc

I am still playing around with the entry angle of the tiger pounce. I don’t really like how his back is arching here but I do like the way his right paw is coming into the foreground.

Edited: November 17th, 2009

Running cow

Ok. I like this cow. I’m running out of time too so I want to make sure and decide on something that I can be satisfied with. I like the movement in this image. Now I just have to figure out what angle the tiger is coming in from and how much blood will be flying.

Edited: October 9th, 2009


Another action sketch. This was done in about five minutes while I had about twenty screaming kids around me.

I think ths is pretty close to what the finished piece will be like.

Edited: October 7th, 2009

Tiger Process: Attack!

I think I may be leaning towards an actual moment-of-impact action shot for my final design. Here are a few practice studies. Two are just feeding, but one is the first contact feel the final may have. I want the final tiger to be just as big as the bull.

I recently discovered this scary tiger video on YouTube. This tiger leaps several meters into the air and sinks his teeth into a man’s arm. This man was sitting on top of an elephant. I am glad I wasn’t that man on that day. Awesome display of power:

Edited: September 8th, 2009