About the concept behind “Uranus”

This song was a geared from a love of science and skepticism.

I have heard of people claiming that they had been abducted by aliens, but it wasn’t until I read Michael Shermer’s book Why People Believe Weird Things that I was exposed to real life conditions that could lead to such visually and audibly believable hallucinations.

I thought it might be fun to indulge the hallucination by taking it a step further and trying to imagine what circumstances would actually be necessary for an alien race to actually feel compelled to probe a human anus for reasons besides basic scientific curiosity. I am not sure how far in the past the anal-probe meme began to emerge from the alien-abduction meme. I may have initially heard of the concept myself from South Park Season 1: Episode 1 Cartman Gets an Anal Probe and I am not sure how many cultural references exist before then.

That being said, I think that this kind of cultural phenomenon (the hallucination, not the anal probe) and the inner workings of the brain, are fascinating studies for anyone interested in science and skepticism.

–Erich Meatleg